Uppin' The Ante Breeders Group & Sale

Logo: Uppin' The Ante. Cornerview Charolais is proud to belong to a group of forward-thinking Ontario Charolais breeders who got together to form the Uppin' the Ante Breeders Group. Our main agenda was to organize an annual sale of handpicked, quality females in Ontario.

Cornerview Charolais offered topnotch females in the Uppin' the Ante sale on September 25, 2010, at Gold-Bar Livestock in Guelph, ON.

2010 Uppin' The Ante Sale Results — Thanks to our buyers

Cornerview Ultra 16U

Buyer: Whiskey Hollow Cattle Co., Norwood, ON

Cornerview Xhibit 23X

Buyer: Langstaff Charolais

Cornerview Whisper 18W

Buyer: Robert Hoffman, Dashwood, ON

Cornerview Xcel 2X

Buyer: Joey Parkinson, Hillsburgh, ON

Cornerview Xceed 21X

Buyer: Evan Moyer, Guelph, ON

Cornerview Xtra-Sweet 31X

Buyer: Whiskey Hollow Cattle Co., Norwood, ON